Top 10 Technology Trends that will Shape Innovations

When scientific knowledge is applied to practical use using techniques, skills, and methods, technology is formed. Suppose we were at prehistoric technology where there was simple technology with essential tools like the invention of the wheel. It all started from there when practicality met the sciences and formed applied science—later moving forward to historic times when telephone, printing press and other such instruments enhanced the technology and minimised the global distance virtually.

In today’s era, technology is not developing, rather it is evolving at a rapid speed. So every year there are some new updates and inventions.

To evolve and invent new technology, IT professionals must learn from the previous discoveries, unlearn, relearn, learn, and constantly learn. The covid 19 outbreak has changed a lot. It has turned the game upside down for technologies. A lot has evolved during the pandemic times as it leads every person to push a little bit extra in order to reach what is unachievable in such a short time. The technology evolved at such a rapid pace during pandemic times. 

But what next in 2021? What are the best technologies to work on? 

To help you out here are the top 10 technology trends that will Shape Innovations in 2021

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning 

Artificial intelligence is the stimulation of human intelligence into machines without any emotionality or consciousness. There are typically 4 types of artificial intelligence:: reactive machines, limited memory, theory of mind, and self-awareness. 

Reactive machines – simple robots that work according to the system built up in it and react according to the existing situation. Artificial intelligence just reacts to the action and does not have the ability to change or improve.

Limited memory – As the name suggests, it has some pre-programmed information that is used and enhanced according to its surroundings. For example – self-driving cars.

Theory of mind – How artificial intelligence differentiates between human and animal intelligence is with their thoughts and feelings, but with this initiative of the theory of mind, researchers are trying to build a robot to imitate human mental models. It has yet to be full.

Self-awareness – The consciousness of humans to make it or inbuilt it as a technology where the technology itself knows that the other person wants something. It is yet to be explored but has been a part of fiction.

Artificial intelligence is in the buzz for a long time now, and notable results could be experienced. It is one of the best and new trends which yet has much potential to take the technology nobody can imagine. It is still in its early stages and still so helpful and popular.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Like artificial intelligence and machine learning, Robotic Process Automation is the technology that works on automating systems like reading the files, interpreting applications, dealing with data, replying to emails, or processing transactions.

It kills the human work and does their work with much more efficiency and accuracy, threatening human employment. Therefore organisations are upcoming with the jobs like RPA analyst, RPA developer and RPA architect.

These are the software robots that have to turn out to be more profitable, responsive and flexible. It saves time and energy, which is the most significant thing for organisations.

Edge computing 

Often people get confused with edge computing and cloud computing, but these days, edge computing is becoming the choice of the organisation because it processes time-sensitive data as compared to the cloud that is not time driven. Today there is much dependency on cloud computing which is creating latency and inefficiency. 

For instance, sensors in the agriculture field with edge computing to get instant data about humidity are more efficient than cloud computing. It brings computation and data storage closer to the location which provides high speed. Edge computing especially takes an edge in remote areas. So the new technology for innovation in 2021 is Edge computing.

Quantum computing 

Quantum computing can query, monitor, analyse and act on the data. It is one of the remarkable technologies that is applied broadly to fraud detection, bank and financial sectors, trading sector etc. Quantum techniques are built to solve complex computation problems, which is difficult with any other technology.

5G technology

5G technology has a lot of buzzes around, proving to be a boon for businesses. The speed of 5G is 20GB/s which is quite an achievement. With 5G speed, you can download a thing within 2sec that earlier used to take 12 minutes. It would be a game-changer as it would be efficient and time-saving. It aims to increase support and flexibility, amplify broadband for mobile communication, and have unlimited scope for IoT enhancement.

Virtual reality and augmented reality

Pokemon go is a very relatable and appropriate example of virtual and augmented reality where digital devices with a camera can let you see the whole virtual world. there have been some virtual reality headsets like the valve index, HTC Vive Cosmos and any other. It does not matter where you are instead you can experience virtual reality from anywhere.

Clouds – connecting operations to the cloud 

Clouds is a widely used system that gives access to store a lot of data. The best thing is that it provides data accessibility and scalability from everywhere. It provides control over your data at not high cost. It is cost-effective.


All the idea or system behind the cryptocurrency is blockchain. You must have heard about Bitcoins; this very concept of blockchains is applied there. The most common use of it is as a ledger for the transaction and can store different data types.

Cybersecurity mesh 

Cybersecurity mesh is a technology that has refined cybersecurity. It provides enhanced security as covid all the workings are taking place on the internet with different devices like mobiles and laptops. This technology helps protect from all the security issues.

Human augmentation 

Human augmentation is the technology that enables an individual to do tasks that were not possible for him to perform. It is implanted in human beings and provides the cognitive abilities to achieve the earlier impossible.

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