15 Social Media Content Ideas to Level Up Your Strategy

Social media is a platform that companies, influencers and the general audience actively use. To level up your game in the competition, you need to stand out from the lot and develop fantastic social media content ideas. Social media can reach globally and be put to good use by creating awareness about brands, politics, and other significant topics. It is a valuable tool to reach the target audience and to communicate one on one.

Here are some of the best ideas to boost up your social media content –

  • User-generated content
  • Blog posts
  • Celebrate holidays
  • Organise games or challenges
  • Podcasts
  • Share testimonials
  • Influencer content
  • Inspirational quotes
  • Go live
  • Behind the Scenes (BTS)
  • Host a virtual event
  • Share the news
  • Express multifold
  • Use of GIFs and emojis
  • Create content series

User-generated content 

Create content that is UGC based like 90% of the customers trust it and influence the shop.  It is a great way to draw the customers’ attention by filling up your feed with community-made content. It will help in turning the existing followers into customers. Remember to use branded hashtags; otherwise, it will all go in vain. Encourage the community to use that hashtags, and it will increase the traffic on your page.

Blog posts 

Share or post the stories and images about your brand, but what if you want your audience to check out your blog posts. There are many ways to supply them with excellent content that would be knowledgeable and according to the targeted audience. 

For instance, if you want to share your top 10 wedding ideas, share your link, which would take them to the blog. Blogs can’t be posted on social media, but the links could drive heavy traffic. 

Celebrate holidays 

Holidays are a great way to get theme-based content, or you can organise a contest or simply have a live session with your followers. Followers are always excited to know their influencers or brand closely. You can also relate the holiday to your brand somehow or the other. You can find an excuse to communicate to the followers. Make sure to keep it exciting with some thrills and surprises.

Organise games or challenges 

Organising games and challenges are the easiest way to engage with your followers. It will aid in drawing the customers attention, which would ultimately boost up the likes, comments and shares on the posts. 

For instance – find your Coachella house. It will excite the followers to choose their houses and help you find out more about your followers.


Podcast are the audios which are gaining a lot of attention these days. You can add up some of your brand-related audio to arrest your followers in it. You need not worry if you are not a podcaster; you can simply make up the audio snippet and put it on social media.

Share testimonials 

Testimonials are a great way to build trust among the existing followers as well as potential followers. Share your success stories to engage other followers to share their stories and be willing to get highlighted somewhere on the brands’ page. This is a terrific way to interact as well as show your authenticity.

Influencer content 

Collaborate with influencers, and you would know how fast your game can change. There have been many examples of brands partnering with influencers and gaining umpteen followers in just a few days. The power of influencers is high these days. So why miss out on this fantastic marketing strategy to level up your business. 

Inspirational quotes 

No matter what field or sector you are dealing with, some inspirational quotes are targeting your niche. Showcase some inspiration by getting creative; that is impressive by putting up some graphics and fitting your content. It is a great way to stay inspired yourself and make others too.

Go live 

whats’ the best way to interact with your followers? The live sessions. You can talk about your brands, their purpose, benefits and much more. Create awareness about your organisation. The followers would engage by showing love, asking questions which is an excellent way of communicating. Going live on social media becomes a personal or interactive session that aids in building followers’ trust.

Behind the Scenes (BTS)

All the followers know the outcome of the hard work but are always curious to know what happens during the process. Behind the scenes reflects the personality and the character of the brand. Show more of it to engage your followers. Keep it light and fun filling.

Host a virtual event 

Organising the events in these pandemic times is scary and dangerous. So how to keep things regular? You can host a virtual event by welcoming a panel of experts. Discuss how the growth took rise and why your products are exceptional to provide the followers with other perceptions of experts as well.

Share the news

It is essential to maintain your brand presence everywhere and share the articles or news related to your company on social media. Share the link in the stories or captions so that the audience can click on the link and read about your appraisals. With links, it has become so easy to provide access to critical information.

Express multifold

Do not limit your social media platform with just texts or photos; instead, keep it exciting and interesting with visuals, audios, videos and other attractive posts to keep your followers engaged, and they do not get bored after some time.

Use of GIFs and emojis 

The use of GIFs and emojis can make your captions and posts look more attractive. It can also provide a meme level effect on the followers. So why not step ahead, give it a try to interact with your followers? We all know how much a meme has been trending these days; who knows, your posts get viral.

Create content series

Remember watching a series with an incomplete ending? It creates curiosity and thrill among the viewers. Similarly, create content series. Post the content like IGTVs, content posts or visual stories in episodes. It keeps the followers hooked to the page. It is a great way to captivate your followers.

If it is challenging for you to develop new and refreshing ideas, then the above content ideas are a surefire way to level up your game on social media.

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