Post-Pandemic Impact on Cyber Security Landscape

After the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a cultural shift in the way enterprises work and do business. Most things have taken a digital turn while moving team members to cloud-based platforms. Microsoft Teams to communicate and collaborate. But, what’s the reference of cyber security in it?

Since the pandemic, cyber-attacks have risen to 400 percent, especially in the IT industry. As every company has to rely on technology to execute their operations, their cyber security was at the fore. This article highlights the impact on companies’ cyber security when the pandemic is ending. While discussing if organisations are using the right tools and solutions to protect their data.

Assess Current Cyber Security Measures

Before you plan to upgrade your cyber security, it’s crucial to measure your current cyber security standards. By analysing your existing software and applications, you can narrow down. The best and worst cyber security steps you have implemented earlier. For instance, you can check out the advanced email filtering & protection, anti-virus, malware and ransomware software. At Server Consultancy, you get the best analysis of cyber security applications that can be an added advantage for your business.

Manage Your Passwords

Passwords are the first step of protecting your information. Using a password management application allows you to secure your passwords. By keeping all your usernames and passwords in one place. Besides, it will remember the password for you whenever you need it. Most organisations use a password management tool that suggests and store your complex and unique passwords to safeguard. Your accounts are protected and hard to compromise.

Use Multi-Factor Authentication

Ensuring that only you and your employees have access to the respective data is crucial. Most cyberattacks occur in a workplace if the devices don’t use multi-factor authentication because it’s easier to access such devices. MFA provides an extra security to your devices by using a two-step verification process. The two-step verification process is followed by an OTP or passcode received on your phone or email.

So, if any hacker tries to access your account when you have implied MFA on it. You’ll receive a notification that someone tried to access your account. This way, you can quickly decline that request and the hacker will not be able to access your account.

Train Your Staff in Cyber Security

Training your employees in cybersecurity practices is crucial for to help them understand the cyber threats and attacks. Have you trained your team members in cyber security and phishing training? If not, you must provide sufficient training to your employees to keep your company’s data secure and unbreachable. Most employees often don’t have any understanding of cyber security when they join an organisation. Thus, they need guidance on securing the work platforms with cyber security tips.

If you don’t have the essential resources to train your employees in cyber security. You can opt for online cyber security phishing training courses that can benefit your employees in the long run.

Key Takeaways

Cyber security is one of the essential components for an organisation to secure its data. Every enterprise should take it seriously more than ever to protect their data from cyber-attacks and threats. Whether you need to educate your staff or improve your security software. Every step towards your cyber security practices can make a huge difference. If you need any additional assistance for cyber security, connect with us today.

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