5 Best Free animation software For Windows PC

Are you searching for some of the finest animation software at a reasonable price? In this post, we’ll go through some free, premium, and open-source animation software options to match your needs. Perhaps you’re a student looking to build your own tiny setup at home or a freelance animator looking for work. To help you get started, you’ll find the greatest and most inexpensive animation software.

Animation is no longer limited to movies; it can now be utilized to generate website design, social media graphics, animated YouTube videos, banner adverts, and NFTs, among other things.

The demand for visual content on the internet is increasing. You can generate some of the most spectacular visual content with the correct tools. You can also transmit tools in multiple formats and use image animation tools, among other things.

What is animation software?

Animation software is a simple program that allows you to make motion graphics frame by frame. A succession of frames is run together to make it appear as if it is moving.

Frames can be made within the tool itself. Some tools, on the other hand, require frames from outside sources.

It can be utilized in films, tutorial videos, presentations, GIFs, website design, and NFTs, among other things. Creating 2D or 3D animations is considerably easier when you use animation tools.

Whether you’re a professional or work as content creator, a tool will provide you with more capabilities and flexibility. The majority of the tools are straightforward to use and understand.

Top 5 best animation tools for Windows PC

1. Pencil 2D

Pencil 2D is one of the most advanced animation programs available. It’s an open-source and entirely free program with outstanding capabilities, including sound and image import, color addition, bitmap and vector graphics, layers, and more.

If you’re a beginner you can learn and get started as it includes a complete guide, videos, and blogs.

The basic style of Pencil 2D makes it easier to navigate. You can export your graphics as an added benefit. This tool supports FLV, Flash Video (SWF), Movie, and many other format.


  • It includes software lessons to help you learn and get started.
  • The minimal design allows you to concentrate on the task at hand and on paper designs.
  • It keeps you up to date on all the newest news and information.
  • Switch between several workflows with ease, allowing you to streamline and accelerate your work.
  • You can join a free community of thousands of people to share ideas and make solving problems easier.

2. Blender:

Another popular and open-source animation software for windows is Blender. Although the software is too much for a beginner to handle, you can readily learn with the help of the tutorials. Many artists and professionals use this software for game design, video animation, and VFX, among other things. Blender has a variety of tools for lighting, modeling, animation, and video post-production, among other things.


  • It has a powerful video editor built-in.
  • With its game-engine option, you can create games.
  • It allows for a lot of customization and has a very user-friendly interface.
  • Various pipeline tools, such as Alembic, Collada, and others, can be simply incorporated.
  • In 3D mode, you can draw and edit.

3. Lightwave: 

LightWave 3D is a comprehensive CGI solution that integrates professional-level rendering, modeling, and animation technologies into a single, cost-effective package.

Its features are as diverse and versatile as the system itself, ranging from breathtaking CGI in feature films to photorealistic outputs in video games.

Beginners may find it difficult to utilize this tool at first, but once you learn it, you’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish. The price of such excellent software is $995, but it also includes a free trial. Get a free trial and determine whether it is worthwhile.


  • The new hair shader in LightWave 2020 uses the physical based renderer to provide more realistic hair.
  • It allows you to adjust the rotation order of individual items, which is preserved with the scene file.
  • Scene Editor’s improved workflow makes it easier to manage complex, large and layered scenes.
  • It is well established as one of the main 3D systems on the market since it is affordable, complete, and simple to learn and use.

4. Adobe animate: 

Adobe Animate is a well-known application for designing content, creating avatars, and making animated videos, among other things. The software is easy to use and has many functions and tools. You may synchronize audio with your animations, as well as modify vector brush size, velocity, and smoothness. This software also comes with built-in templates that you can personalize. The personal edition of the software costs $20.99, while the full version costs $79.99 and gives you access to all Adobe products.


  • You can animate vector drawings.
  • Simple drag-and-drop actions are used to create content.
  • With built-in templates, you may add effects to your animations.
  • Effects such as the temporal video effect, tone effects, and others can be used.

5. Autodesk Maya: 

Autodesk Maya is without a doubt one of the top animation programs for television shows, films, videos, and games. Its Bifrost liquid creation feature generates photorealistic movie simulations. You can quickly draw freehand 3D shapes with pinpoint accuracy with the paint effect tool. With its high-quality images and 3D rendering, this award-winning software has made a name for itself. This software costs $215 per month or $1700 for a year. It may appear to be a lot, but once you try the software, you’ll see that it’s well worth the money. It also provides a free trial version, which you should take advantage of.


  • Complex hand-drawn animation projects are made incredibly simple.
  • Realistic effects, such as explosions and textile simulations, can be created.
  • Advanced animation options and timeline controls.
  • Pan, zoom, and other effects can be added to a virtual camera.
  • Lip-syncing and movement of facial features such as the eyes, mouth, and brows are done automatically.

Wrapping up

I hope you like this list of the greatest 2D and 3D animation programs. Some are nearly free, while others offer a free trial version so you can decide whether or not to buy. All of the applications on the list have extensive learning manuals and lessons available on YouTube, making it simple to pick up and practice. Please let us know if you use any alternative animation program in the comments section so that we can assist other readers.

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