Implement this PRO Checklist for Product Photography of eCommerce Brand

For any business, brand reputation and customer experience are highly crucial to growth. Websites play an important part in developing both, there are many factors that affect the user experience on a website. One of them is product photos. Needless to say, customers will know about your brand and products when they can clearly see what you’re offering. The quality visual representation of products determines the customer’s purchase intent. That’s where photography became essential. Good quality and the best photographer Newport Beach can help you present realistic product images. The majority of eCommerce shoppers consider product photography as a major purchase influence. So if you are having an eCommerce website, working on product photography should be one of your priorities.

Whether you are a photographer or an eCommerce specialist, there are a few things that need to be kept in mind to attract a larger audience. Let’s find out more:

Product Photography Theme:

Unless you are well known or have an unlimited product range like Amazon, you need to follow a theme. Having a beautiful and attractive theme will make your products on the website in sync. They will look related to each other and can depict your brand. Product Photography doesn’t have to be just white background, be creative on your platform. Playing with the background will attract more customers, find more interesting angles and follow a certain theme. You can create different themes for different product ranges, to keep customers hooked.

Work on 3D photographers:

2D photographers flatter the products and become fewer representatives. Showing 360° or 3D images of products can be more appealing to customers. They are able to see products from all dimensions and find them more fascinating. However, if your website has a good product range, 3D images of each product are not possible or can be expensive. So, you can go for a few 3D images that represent your product range. If you are a service-based business, 3D images are more useful and worth it as you do not need large numbers of photographs.  Depending on your business niche, target customers, and business goals, you can use a mix of 2D and 3D product images. The best website designer in Irvine can help you form a balance on the website to attract customers and fulfill business requirements.

Bulk Edit the Images:

When dealing with product photography, it means you are going to work on countless pictures and products all at once. It can be tedious, and time-consuming, and you might lack consistency at some point. So you can take help from AI-powered software to edit large images.  Apart from that, when you work on image edits, make sure you take care of shadows, color correction, and more.  The top photographer Newport Beach works with dedication and can handle building image editing at once.

Create a list of Shots:

No matter how experienced you are as a photographer, you might forget a few things on D-day. So, it’s important to list down your ideas when your project is in hand. Moreover, you can discuss with the brand, it will help both the brand and photographer to create good results. You can coordinate ideas, and the type of shots you want to try. Maybe a shot idea that didn’t work out in one product category can help in another. You wouldn’t want to forget your idea that could have been used somewhere else. Creating a list of ideas or shots will always be helpful. 

Final Thoughts:

These are some of the ultimate things that you need to add to your checklist. Whether you are a photographer or an eCommerce specialist, these things will help you develop top-notch product photography. A quality photographer near Newport Beach can help you develop realistic photographs to attract an audience. Dorian Media Group offers top-notch quality of services in Photography, web design, and more.

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