Best HR Software for Small & Large Businesses in 2022

It is well-known that success for any business is dependent on the employees. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that they are happy and engaged. If you don’t have a competent HR department that addresses the different needs that your workers face, assessing their performance and attendance becomes difficult.

To help us, we’ve created a checklist of the most effective tools for managing HR to help you decide which one is best suited to your company’s needs.

What is HR Software?

HR software applications aid in managing employee data and all other processes, from hiring candidates to offboarding and onboarding.

Software solutions for payroll and HR allow for the complete management of the workforce process easily with features like time and attendance, leave and employees self-service, performance and appraisal, etc.

Top 10 HR management tools for the workplace

1. Spine HR Suite

Complete human resource management for India, Spine HR Suite handles all your business needs, from managing your employees to working processes to handling accounting issues.

2. Employee Vibes

The Employee Vibes HRMS is an employee management tool used to manage employee onboarding and life-cycle, leaves and attendance. It is Software for HR administration that automates various payroll processes, including salary calculations and statutory compliance and the assignment of rules and policies.

3. Zimyo HRMS

Zimyo Human Resource Management System is the best Software for your human resource team to find the top employees for your business efficiently.

This software can automate a majority of the redundant tasks. And gives your HR team enough time to ensure that each person has an experience that is unique to them.

4. Ultimate Business Systems (UBS)

Human Resource Management System is a modern software solution for HR managers that eases the daily routine tasks of an HR. Starting from employee management to payroll, loan, and tax it manages every HR task effectively. Ultimate Business System (UBS) provides a streamlined HRMS software in Bangalore that enhances your HR tasks and increases productivity. 

5. InfowanHR

InfowanHR Software is a highly effective solution to automate the processes of your human resources department. It integrates with payroll management software. It allows employees to record their attendance with no difficulty.

6. Keka HRMS

Keka HRMS is one of the most effective and efficient HR information systems online that assists in your business’s payroll, human resources, and talent management.

7. Qandle

Qandle HRMS is among India’s most effective HRMS programs that aid in the effective management of today’s workforce. From recruiting the best employees to making sure that you have an easy exit, Qandle makes the entire process easier.

You can keep track of the employee’s records online and control your resources and provisioning easily while also monitoring the business expenses. This is among the most effective HR software programs for small businesss that you will require to assure a smooth and seamless collaboration among team members and across silos.

It is also beneficial in reducing the attrition rate by boosting employee engagement. It is possible to manage promotions, schedule successions, and reward outstanding performances with an integrated platform.

8. HR-One Software

An all-inclusive software to manage the employee lifecycle, HR-One HRMS solution will help you manage your employees better, without wasting time supervising them.

It is a cloud-based HRMS application that’s simple to use and appropriate for any organization, regardless of the size and type of the business.

9. GreytHR Software

GreytHR is among the top HR software solutions that help simplify the HR processes of an business. From managing the entire core HR functions to managing the other tasks related to it, the Software streamlines each procedure. It does not just help reduce time but also eliminates mistakes.

10. Beehive HRMS Software

Beehive’s HRMS system allows you to keep your employees organized without spending excessive time and effort. It lets you control your employees from the time of recruitment until retirement. It’s a single-stop solution for all of your HRM requirements.

11. Zoho People

Zoho People It is an all-in-one HR software that handles every HR activity. It can be customized to meet the different demands of different businesss. It is the best Software for managing the employees of your business more effectively.

12. HR Mantra

HRMantra is among the top HRMS programs in India that assist in managing the employees of any company more effectively.

13. 247 HRM

247 HRM simplifies the HRM system requirements for an organization. It’s not just helpful in managing your workforce. But allows you to handle payroll and other essential processes effectively.

14. FlexiEle HRMS

A complete solution FlexiEle HRMS is among the top HR management software that helps you control all human resource tasks more efficiently.

15. ADP Vista HCM

ADP Vista HCM is a full HR application that lets users keep track of HR-related activities and manage employee information efficiently.

Its cloud-based ADP Vista HCM is an all-inclusive set of tools related to people management software. A few of these tools include time management, payroll management, employee self-service, management of leave, and many more.

Furthermore, ADP Vista HCM, a cloud-based HR software designed for small-sized business. And offers additional tools to calculate taxes and compliance.


HRMTHREAD is among the best payroll online solutions available and has over 5000 customers. Its USP is that it makes the most difficult of tasks appear simple.

Another popular aspect with clients is the mobile app that gives quick access. In addition to offering a complete payroll solution, HRMTHREAD has effective ways to track time to help you manage your time better.

The calculation of tax rates and TDS deductions is now simple using HRMTHREAD. The analysis and periodic appraisals are easy to do by using this application.

17. PeopleStrong

PeopleStrong Alt Worklife is among the most popular HR applications and comes with the necessary tools to ensure the efficient management of human resources. It aims to streamline the HR procedures of a business. The Software is equipped with the latest tools and services that are an integrated package.

18. ZingHR

ZingHR Software enables employees and the company to use Business Cloud Application Solutions for HR management. From the moment you hire to when you retire or resign, ZingHR provides solutions for businesss of all sizes.

It is a comprehensive system that goes beyond automation and can help improve the employee and business experience.

19. PeopleApex

PeopleApex Multi-Country HR is a complete HR solution designed to help HR professionals and employees manage different HR processes. Through its self-service tools for employees, it allows employees to control their leave and attendance and shifts/times.

It also lets managers manage and review employee records using People Apex’s self-service manager tool.

20. Smart H2R

Innovative Software for Payroll and HR, Smart H2R, also known as SmartHR Software. And it is developed to synchronize the employees and the business. It comes with a wide range of tools that can be customized, which aids in managing all HR-related functions, from hiring to retirement/resigning.

Every aspect of joining to training and payroll to travel, leave aid desk, appraisal, and employee exit functions have been made automated.

Summing Up

Selecting an HRMS software is certain to provide an advantage to your company. And enable you to focus on your core business functions while the Software takes care of everything else.

Start investing in HRM software today to create the best future for your company. It will also give you more time with your employees and assist in keeping them focused.

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