July 16, 2024
American Business Organizations

American Chamber of Commerce in India is an association of over 500 American business organizations. Its purpose is to encourage bilateral trade between the United States and India. The organization also helps businesses with growth opportunities. In addition, the chamber offers social networking and education to members.

As part of its mission to facilitate cross-border trade and investment, the Indian American Chamber of Commerce offers membership to companies of all sizes, both domestic and international. It is also a full member of the Asia Pacific Council of American Chambers of Commerce (APCAC). AMCHAM’s National Secretariat is located in New Delhi.

Among the many features of the chamber, membership provides access to a powerful network of accomplished professionals. Members can obtain referrals, network with other business leaders, exchange ideas and learn about the latest industry trends.

Additionally, the chamber holds events that promote both local and global business. Depending on the chamber, they may hold fundraisers, promote trade between immigrant groups, or even offer a recreation area. By taking part in chamber activities, members can benefit from key economic data. Many chambers require a special purchase of tickets for events.

The Indo-American Chamber of Commerce is a business association that was founded in 1968. This association was created by visionary entrepreneurs and industry leaders. Today, the chamber boasts over 1500 members and a PAN India presence. Moreover, the organization is a leader in fostering the development of mutually beneficial relationships between the two countries.

In its annual session, the chamber’s executive director, Kedarnath Mudda, spoke about the importance of the relationship between the two countries. He said that the world is moving through a period of polycrisis. This includes a slowdown in China, Russia-Ukraine war, and high inflation. However, he noted that despite these issues, the exports of India have increased. During April-December 2022-23, the country’s exports rose by 9 per cent.

Another major feature of the chamber is its affiliation with the Chamber of Commerce of the United States in Washington D.C. and its close ties with the US Embassy in India. These connections help the chamber provide support to its members.

In addition, the chamber has a number of regional chapters. They include ones in Mumbai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, and Kolkata. Most chapters offer different levels of membership. There are some that are focused on specific issues, such as agriculture and health care, while others focus on general business issues.

Membership is also a means to receive the chamber’s endorsements. Oftentimes, these endorsements are in the form of personal endorsements, as they are given by the board members.

Despite its small size, the American Chamber of Commerce in India enjoys a strong relationship with its US Embassy. For example, the US Embassy’s Economic and Commercial Section is an ex-officio member of the National Executive Board.

The chamber is a strong resource for members looking to conduct business in India. Not only does the organization offer a variety of resources, but it also arranges meetings with top policymakers. Whether you’re an established business or a startup, the organization can provide you with the tools you need to succeed in the U.S.-India economy.

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